Paper details:

It is not Iago’s manipulation, but Othello’s gullibility, which causes the play’s tragic ending.

Discuss this statement supporting your answer with suitable reference and quotation from the text.

Your answer must be at 1000 words approximately.

The threshold is 10% to each side of the given word limit. This means your answer must be between 900-1100 words long.

Answers that are considerably above or below this threshold will be deducted marks accordingly.

It must adhere to MLA standards in terms of quotations from the text.

You must cite at least two secondary sources from the library (i.e. a published text), JSTOR or Project Muse.

The use of sources such as Wikipedia, Gradesaver, Sparknotes, or anything similar, which are not peer-reviewed academically viable sources, will result in the deduction of marks.

List your sources in a small bibliography at the end of your paper. Your bibliography must adhere to MLA standards.

Answers must be written in Times New Roman, font size 12, double line spacing.