Outbreak response to Ebola a communicable disease


Address the following:

1. Introduction

a. Discuss biology of disease including chain of infection, case definition, and any other relevant biological aspects.

b. Epidemiology of disease including current morbidity and mortality statistics. You must also describe any relevant
outbreaks, epidemics, or pandemics that have occurred in the last10 years (you may go back further than this if relevant). In
addition, provide a table that summarizes all outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics and include relevant information (ex. when,
where, statistics). You must give an overall picture ofthe disease and how it has affected public health and/or continues to.

c. Current surveillance procedures on disease both nationally and internationally

d. Thesis statement – must provide a proper analytical thesis statement – httsz/owlenglish.purdue.edu/owl/resource

2. Body – you will choose the most recent 2 outbreaks ofthe disease and compare and contrast how they were handled
including the topics below. You must provide an insightful and factual account ofwhat occurred and critically analyze the
control methods used.

a. Emergency and Disaster Management in context of outbreaks including response time to outbreak and outbreak