P2 Internal and External Analysis


Please not that this is continuation of the previous order 9786147484- I am attaching
the final document from that order for reference-
Creating an effective strategic management plan relies heavily on analysis of both
you existing company and factors in the business environment that impact decision
making- This is an essential part of the business process because it allows
management to keep informed on changes and the information gathered is used to set
goals and determine the futue for the company- This assignment will require you to
analyze the internal and external environment of you company and then use the
information you’ve gathered to set strategic goals for the business-
For the assignment this week, write a paper that’s at least two pages in length and
completes the following:
0 Create a SWOT analysis for you company that is specific and explains choices
thoroughly. Avoid being generic with you choices. Relate them directly to the industry
and business that you’ve chosen- A minimum of fou points should be present under
each heading-
o The internal portion of the SWOT could include quality of human capital, product
lines, employee relations, and curent internal business processes- Outside research
is recommended-
0 The external portion of the SWOT could consider sociocultual factors, competitors,
technology trends, suppliers’ potential legal issues, and even changes in the
economy- Again, outside research is recommended-
0 Based off of the information that you’ve gathered, create three strategic goals for
you chosen company-
The strategic goals that you create here will set the stage for all of the couse project
assignments ahead- it’s extremely important to choose long-term goals that fit with
where you think the company should be headed and make use of the information
you’ve gathered- Feel free to reach out to you instructor for guidance about creating
the strategic goals, since they’re essential to the ongoing couse project.