“Padmavati “movie

1. Consider the film Padmaavat in regards to the Ramayana. Which characters from our epic correspond to those with the film? Are the characters in Padmaavat complex or one dimensional? In turn, are the characters in the Ramayana also such? If so why, if not , why not? Are the protagonists in either epic realistic?
2. Why is this film so controversial? Is the anger of the offended parties (feminists, Muslims, Hindus) justified? Does it warrant death threats, vandalism of property and actual suicide in protest of its screening? You will need to look up some background information on the film to answer this.
3. An major issue with the film is the climax – the jauhar (mass self-immolation) scene. Look up this practice but, it is essentially an extinct ritual which women resorted to in order to avoid capture, slavery or rape by foreign invaders. How is it related to Sita’s agni pariksha (trial by fire)? What, in your opinion, is the significance of fire in both stories, both literally and allegorically?
4. Finally, Padmaavat is based on an epic poem by Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi written in 1540. The characters bear a striking resemblance to the protagonists and antagonist of the Ramayana. What is it about this epic (in your opinion) that was so deeply ingrained in Hindu consciousness by this point that even authors of a different faith (Muslim in this case) paid homage to it in some way?