Pain Management: patient with chronic pain

Compose a paper that describes the Population of Interest (POI) that you have chosen.

1.Consider the following questions as you justify the reason you have chosen this POI:

a.Why is this POI important to the field of nursing? Why is this POI important to study?
b.How does this POI affect the staff/patients/clients?
c.What is the current state of this POI in health care?
d.Is this POI a local, country, or global concern?

2.Make sure to discuss in detail your plan for how you will research this POI.

a.Identify who you would need to contact or meet with to investigate the problem further.
b.Discuss what your plans would be for interviewing or surveying the staff, other departments, or other disciplines if you were actually in charge of managing this POI at a facility or in the community.
c.How do you plan to search the current literature for actual research studies on the topic?

3.Be sure to identify how specific theory and knowledge from each of the following areas contributed to your ability to research and plan a course of action for your chosen POI. Consider how each of these areas has impacted you, what you have learned in each of these areas, and how these experiences have shaped you as a student and RN:

a.Specific prior general education courses
b.Specific prior nursing courses
c.Your nursing background and experience