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I have 10 year of experience in working in intensive care unit in the past It was 7 unit bed but for the past five year in Emory hospital have been working 18 unit bed in medical and surgical ICU. The medical party is patient with Code blue patient from the medical floor where we have to start the pressor medication and start the Flow tract machine to measure the SVV, CO, CI ScVO2 patient with high potassium and high Creatine level we start CRRT including sepsis patient with high lactic acid level Am very good with CRRT machine.The surgical part

we received decompenssted patient either intubated for resp management or patient with cardiac isssue will stabilze them Before they go to
Regular floor we do Bipap management DKA and emergency HD for fliud overload patient.GI bleed patient we used Rapid infusion.we used therapeutic hypothemia to rest the Brain during cardiac arrest also for sepsis patient i normal float to CCU where i work with IABP and PA cath.Occasional we treat patient with DIC The mixed ICU is step down unit we do Continue Bipap, Telemetry monitor lasix drip DKA and sepsis protocol Am iv insertion
champion insulin drip and heparin drip protocol A line monitor
I have work night shift since i Become a nurse for the past seven year have work weekend night shift so will like to work night shift weekend will be my optional but Am very flessibile
I will like to relocate once i have i have job ready for me