Paper honeycomb task:

Paper honeycomb task:
• Select one component on one of the products below to redesign using a paper honeycomb material.
• You must use a paper honeycomb material in your design.
• Talk about design for core, principal loading direction, environmental protection from the environment, required mechanical properties, testing needed, and fabrication processes needed.
• Work in teams, recommend a design and write a two page technical report.

1. How would the stiffness of the block change with:
a. Heat
b. Moisture
c. Cold
d. Solvents
2. How would you mitigate the risk of these environments when used in a product design?
3. What type of loading would you apply to this type of material (shear, tension, compression, bearing, shock, point loading, etc)?

Materials to be used: Paper honeycomb core, sample to be supplied to each team (example image above). One piece of material will be provided for each manufacturing project team.

This is an individual project. Each student is to turn in a short report on this material design task.