The integrated clinical paper will be a work-in-progress throughout the semester with the expectation that the final product will take a critical, original stance on a topic from this course of the student’s choosing. The assignment gives students an opportunity to explore the role of the social worker and a social work theory that is of interest. It is expected that students will think critically about their topic and add a unique perspective to knowledge already available about the topic. Examples/Options for this paper include:

Examine a clinical theory and consider how it can be applied with a particular population (i.e., existential therapy with older adults). This type of paper MUST have a case study to illustrate application (in line with articles from Clinical Social Work Journal).
Consider theoretical decision-making in light of particular disorders (i.e. compare and contrast ego psychology with CBT in treatment of schizophrenia).
Consider how to integrate two clinical theories, then apply to newly developed theory to a particular population.
If you have another idea, propose it! The idea must relate to clinical theory or a practice model from this course.
A few topics will not be accepted. You may NOT use CBT or any version of CBT for this paper. You may not use any portion or entirety of a paper from a previous class. You may not use your research topic or paper in any form without approval from the instructor.

The typed proposal should be one to two pages. The typed outline should be two to three pages. The consultation should take between five and fifteen minutes. The final integrated paper should be 16-18 pages of content (NOT including the title page, abstract or references). The paper must be double spaced, typed in 12-point font, and follow APA guidelines. A minimum of six sources are required. There are a number of resources available through the library to assist the students (including e-journals, search engines, interlibrary and intercampus loan). The paper must include an abstract.

Week 2: Only the typed proposal is due this week. It is to be posted to Moodle. (Worth five points.)

Consider these prompts for the proposal: The typed proposal should be about one to two pages. You do not need to include each of these items below. Consider the list prompts to stimulate a well written proposal.

An overview of the topic – a description of the question you are trying to answer.
A “sketch” of potential subtopics within your topic.
A preliminary thesis statement.
Micro, mezzo and macro considerations.
The role of the social worker and historical factors or the social work profession.
The relevance of your topic to the social work profession.
Potential benefits or the topic.
Potential controversies about the subject.
Potential limitations regarding the exploration.