Parents influence their Adolescents Attitudes About Sex

: Parents influence their Adolescents Attitudes About Sex

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This is a capstone research paper on an adolescent topic. Please refer to this when writing your paper. Note that you need to use 2 research-based, scholarly articles, and not a church article and not from an informational website. I will grade you on the items below.

Papers should be 3–4 pages of text.
Follow all APA formatting rules, except that you don’t need to include an abstract (include running head, title page, reference page, proper in-text APA citations, and headings).
Provide an introductory paragraph explaining the purpose of your paper and a concluding paragraph that brings your paper to a close.
Begin your paper with a review, or summary of each article, of the literature about your topic (based on at least two research-based articles or research review pieces). Use headings such as Article #1 Review and Article #2 Review.
In the remaining part of your paper, explain your understanding of your topic by considering it within at least three of the developmental and contextual topics covered in class (e.g., Physiological, Cognitive, Egocentrism, Psychosocial, Family, Peers, School, etc.). Use your 3 contextual topics as headings to help organize your paper.
For this part of your paper, share insights and information about your topic that may not have been considered yet in the research or that are of particular interest to you.
Be sure to tie in class materials to support the 3 topics you choose. You can do this within the 3 headings that you selected, or in a separate section with a heading of Integrating Course Material. Include at least 3 citations from the course textbook and/or articles from the class material.
Provide a reference page and in-text citations for the outside articles you use, and for textbook or other class materials that you refer to.