Listen to the Marshal calling the court to order:

Review Article III of the Constitution. What appears to be missing in terms of specific powers? Watch the debate between Justice Scalia and Justice Brier on C-SPAN (You can skip the first ten minutes of introductions if you like.)

Then read the links related to the Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission case in the Supreme Court/Judiciary folder (in addition to the commentary read the decision itself – it is ok to skim). Discuss this case in light of the different judicial philosophies represented in the Justices’ debate. How do you think this case will impact the political process?

Visit the Supreme Court website at: check out the “About the Supreme Court link on the left side of the page. Review the biographies of the justices. How do their backgrounds reflect on the “representative” nature of the court?

The big debate, in terms of the court, is the idea of Judicial Restraint vs. Judicial Activism. After reading your text and the readings in the Judiciary folder, discuss the concept of Judicial Review and whether restraint or activism are in the eye of the beholder.
may not need references