Pathophysiology of a chosen complication

You have been provided with the following case study about Mr Tomasi Joni, who presented to his GP clinic for his annual health check. Following the review of his laboratory tests a. a.e.ment r.ults, the GP was concerned that Mr Joni was at risk of developing multiple health complications. He has since been refer. to you, the practice nurse, for a care plan to reduce his risk of th.e medical complications and improve his overall health. Bas. on the information provided in this ca. study, you are required to ch.. ONE potential h.lth complication that Mr Joni is at tisk of developing, and pr.ent your discu.ion using the Levett-Jon.’ (2018) Clinical Reasoning Cycle Steps 1-6 and the below guidelin.: Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 — Consider the patient situation, collect process information and identify the issue: • Discu. the incidence of the chosen complication, and addre. the qu.tions: o What is t. likelihood of Mr Joni experiencing this complication? o VVhat evidence sugg.ts this? • Discu. the pathophysiology of the chosen complication, a. addr.s the question: o What are the consequenc. of this compli.tion for Mr Joni?

• In consultation with Mr Joni, set two goals for him to reduce his risk of developing the complication? • Identify interventions to achieve the above goals. The interventions should: o be both nursing and patient based o consider both pharmacological and non-pharmacological management o recognise strategies to empower and education Mr Joni to take initiative to alter his lifestyle factors. Steps 7 and 8 – Evaluation and Reflection • Consider what strategies/aspects would determine that the patient and nurse interventions have been successful or effective for Mr Joni? • Include your conclusion here, and part of that should include an overall statement of what have you learn. from doing this presentation on this patient