Patient and Public Involvement in Quality and Safety Improvement

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The Task: patient and public involvement in quality and safety improvement This task require someone with high knowledge and speciality in the field of patient and public involvement in quality and safety improvement. High level of English writing skills is also mandatory to achieve this task. It is for PhD level. I require high level of academic writing skills. Needs draft first to check. The instruction of this assignment is attached with file name “ Task”. I hope you can please me with your work, so I can please you later. ?

Guidance for the assignment (2,000 words)
¦ The focus of the assessment is a written case study exploring the involvement of effective involvement of a patient/client/family
or members of the public in a safety improvement issue. You are therefore required to:
¦ Choose a particular example from your own professional experience – here you might also briefly outline your ‘vision’ for quality
¦ State why your chosen focus was important
¦ Highlight why effective involvement is important and make reference to appropriate theoretical background or frameworks for
example, person centred care – you also need to consider any relevant policy drivers that influenced or impacted on your focus
¦ Who and what is involved in supporting your chosen issue for example, patient advocacy groups, senior management colleagues.
How did you engage with different individuals and groups?
¦ What skills and knowledge do you need to utilise during the endeavour?
¦ How successful is the initiative?
¦ How do you measure success?
¦ What have you learnt and what might you change/develop in the future?