Patient education brochure/pamphlet.

Pick a topic from the list below and get started!!

1. Pharmacologic Labor Pain management
2. Placenta Previa
3. Postpartum Hemorrhage
4. Hyperbilirubinemia
5. Fetal distress in labor
6. Cardiac disease and Pregnancy
7. Trauma and pregnancy
8. Newborn assessment
9. Infant of a Diabetic Mother
10. HIV and pregnancy

1. Define the population that the project addresses.
2. Outline the information that the client would need: Understanding of the problem/issue, instructions about care, medications and follow-up.
3. Describe the information that should be addressed during a patient education session:
a. Medication instructions
b. Follow-up plans
c. Anticipatory guidance
4. Make the information brief and understandable! The language should be at a fourth grade reading level.
5. Design the format applicable to the population/patient. Be sure to include graphics that illustrate the material.