patient interview and teaching plans


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Find either a friend, family member, colleague or fellow student who would be happy to be interviewed about a health problem they are either currently living with or have experienced in the past. You may choose any type of health care problem EXCEPT for wound care, as this is dealt with as an example in your text.
Use the assessment interview structure on page 555 of your text (Berman et al., 2015) to gather information about the person’s primary health problem
Write an account of your interview (suggest approx. 1000 words) using the following headings:
Client Characteristics (including personal descriptors, health history, learning ability, Health Beliefs, preferred learning style/s and support systems),
Factors Affecting Patient Learning (discuss the barriers to health education that needs addressing)
Learning Needs (summarise the person’s learning needs in relation to that problem)
Outline a teaching plan (suggest approx. 500 words) using the structure on page 559 of your text (DO NOT use wound care for your assignment). As per this structure:
a. Introduce the teaching plan with an
i. Assessment of the Learner (a brief summary of the written account you provided from Point 3),
ii. Nursing Diagnosis (outline and prioritise 3-5 nursing diagnoses aligned with your client’s learning needs),
iii. Long and Short Term Goals (what do you want your client to get from the education you will provide), and
iv. Evaluation Strategies (how will you know that your teaching has been successful)
b. Based on your client’s needs prepare a table that outlines the
i. Learning Outcomes,
ii. Teaching Topics (base this on your client’s needs rather than specific and detailed content related to the problem, as you may not yet have acquired knowledge regarding this), and
iii. Teaching Strategies you could use.