Patient Safety, Accreditation and Regulation in Health Care/Preparing for the Professional Doctorate

1a. Patient Safety Compliance
Start this discussion by sharing your experience with patient safety compliance. Next, research and discuss at least two current patient safety regulations that impact health care delivery at the health care setting where you work or one you have an interest in.
1b. Continuous Readiness in Ongoing Regulatory Compliance
Define continuous readiness as it relates to promoting ongoing regulatory compliance in a health care setting. Research and share at least one evidence-based practice for ensuring continuous readiness.
2a. Health Care Standard Setting
Define health care standard setting as it relates to patient safety. Next, discuss your experience with the Vila Health scenario as it relates to understanding patient safety standards.

Preparing for the Professional Doctorate in Nursing and Health Sciences.
1a. PhD Versus Professional Doctorate
For this discussion, consider the trends in the field of education and health care.
In your initial post:
Provide your own scholarly assessment of the differences between a PhD and professional doctorate.
Express your opinion about why professional doctorates may be gaining ground in the marketplace now.
Note your own current skill sets and how a professional doctorate may help you meet your own career goals.
1b. Evidence-Based Practice
Review the unit readings and complete your own research. In your initial post:
Discuss what EBP means in your field.
Assess the move toward evidence-based efforts across the health care and public health environments.
Compare and contrast the application of qualitative methods versus quantitative methods in the movement toward EBP.
2a. Project Topics
Note: Please complete this discussion before completing the assignment in this unit.
In this discussion, you will prepare for the assignment in this unit.
In your initial post:
Provide at least two possible topics you are considering for the course project.
Compare and contrast the two topics.
Discuss why each might be an important topic for a doctoral project.
Provide your thoughts on the value each topic might bring to an organization if you pursued it