Pay, Benefits, and Terms and Conditions of Employment

Create a PowerPoint presentation with fifteen to twenty (15-20) slides in which you:

1. Create a Wage and Hour standard for the job opportunity that you had selected in
Assignment 2, and support your standard by using the Fair Labor Standards Act
(FLSA) and Equal Pay Act to prevent any potential discriminatory impact.

2. Decide on three (3) benefits required for the job opportunity using ERISA Propose
two (2) methods that the employer can use in order to manage the fiduciary duties
wisely and with the employees best interests in mind- Provide a rationale for your

3. Elaborate on two (2) rights regarding unionization that Section 7 of the NLRA
guarantees Next, examine two (2) unfair labor practices, and argue the importance of
your organization refraining from using such practices during any self-organization and
collective bargaining activities Explore two (2) potential repercussions of an
organizations interference with self-organization and collective bargaining practices.
4. Propose three (3) ways to discourage employees from considering unionization.
Then, compose one (1) strategy for championing a supportive and satisfying work
environment within the organization.

5. Select one (1) OSHA violation case, and determine whether the resulting penalties
were sufficient to deter the organization in question from repeating the same volatile
action- Justify your response.

6. Outline a plan for investigating workplace injuries and formulate a policy that
explains the process for filing 3 workers compensation claim within the selected

7. Narrate each slide, using a microphone, and indicate what you would say if you were
actually presenting in front of an audience.

8. Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wlkipedia
and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.