Pelamis Wave Power

The purpose of this assignment is for you to conduct research and write a paper about someone taking action to help remedy an environmental problem. It could be an individual person or a group or a business. They could be trying to affect change on the local scale or the global scale. It must relate to content covered in this course. You will need to thoroughly describe the environmental issue in question and then provide a detailed profile of the person/group/business trying to help improve the situation. GUIDELINES AND REQUIREMENTS: The content of the paper should include: • Background material regarding the environmental problem being addressed • Desсrіption of who, what, when, where of the action being attempted o In your profile you could include information such as, but not limited to:  how and why it got started  time line for action  scale of operation  major objectives or purpose  what kind of progress has been made up to this point  stumbling blocks/hurdles in the process  anything else that you find interesting and relevant The technical requirements of the paper include: • It must be typed • MINIMUM of 1000 words (approx. 3 pages) • You must follow the standard protocol for research papers and use in-text citations (cite all thoughts and information that are not your own) • Use direct quotes sparingly, if at all • It must include a literature cited section (MLA or APA format) o Use material from at least 3 different sources (your textbook may be 1 of your sources) • It must also include an Abstract/Summary • Through D2L Dropbox, submit your paper by 11pm on the due date.