Perception of the Criminal Justice System

Your Perception of the Criminal Justice System

  1. Now that you have studied the major sub-systems within the criminal justice system, discuss what you have learned about the following in relation to the biblical principles provided within the course: law enforcement, the courts, and the correctional system. Include two specific examples of your learning regarding each sub-system; label your examples (e.g. An example would be; For instance; Another example would be; and more).
  2. Consider if and how your original perceptions toward these sub-systems have changed. Explain why they have or have not changed. Include one specific example of how your original perceptions have or have not changed; label your example.
  3. Do you believe that your perceptions are based on truth? Include two specific examples to support your answer; label your examples. Discuss why it is important for our perceptions and beliefs to be based on truth.