Paper details vYou need to read the 2 articles (I will attach them) and follow the directions my professor gave

Paper 1: Perception
Reading Sources:
Wallace: Kenyon Commencement Speech
Cole: The Arrow of Time
Length: 1000-1 500+ words (of CONTENT).
Format: MLA Guidelines/Documentation. 1″ margins. 12 pt- font. Typed. double-spaced, one-side only
Both Wallace and Cole present ideas. arguments. examples and evidence that challenge our typical

How did they change those perceptions? What new ways of seeing have they accomplished? How can you

relate those changes to your readers?
Do NOT write a SUMMARY. Take your readers on a journey-
In your introduction. lay out what you thought you knew but now know different. sharing necessary

background evidence leading to a thesis that
previews your essay’s main points and foreshadows the conclusion. In your conclusion. share your

new vision and argument for it, with evidence
neither the introduction nor the conclusion should be vague. sketchy. or summary. Be specific- In

the body of your essay. share the details of the
journey of evidence that takes readers from introduction to conclusion.
The body should be at least 3 paragraphsnit may of course be more (so. the essay is at least 5

paragraphs total)- Develop and support your
paragraphs. Do not write long. rambling paragraphs that go on for pages-focus purposefully-
Due dates matter. Have your essay ready. submitted both online and in hard copy in person at the

beginning of class-