As mentioned in your readings, communication, perception, and assumptions play a huge part in our daily interactions.

No matter what position someone holds in a company, opportunities to communicate across all levels present themselves, whether it be at an all-associates meeting or in the break room. Because of this, one of the most important skill-sets a manager needs in order to be successful is communication. The below article is a good refresher of what you learned about communications. Don’t forget to watch the video within the article:
Understanding Communication Skills( by the Mind Tools Content Team

For your initial post, summarize the perception test you completed by answering the below questions:

1. Describe in your own words what you learned about perception from taking this test and how it affects a manager’s decision-making abilities?
2. Provide at least one example where you witnessed (or experienced yourself) an example of how perception in the workplace caused a negative issue and describe the outcome?
3. Explain the impact perceptions can cause in the communication process in an organization and provide at least two solutions you as a manager would implement to overcome that impact(s).