Perceptive in women health

Chose just one of these three prompts for the interview portion of the assignment:

Prompt 1: Interview 3 women of different age groups. For example, interview a teen, a young adult, and an elder. You may interview them all together or separately. Ask each of them to talk about and describe what messages they are receiving about women’s health and women’s health needs. Specifically ask them to talk about what messages their family, their culture, and the media are telling them about women and health. How do these messages influence and shape their self-perception? How do these messages make them feel about being a woman today? Are there any health messages which empower them? Scare them? Move them to want to take action? After they have talked, describe to them about what you have been reading about in your text book. Have a discussion in which you compare and share their perceptions in connection to what you have been learning in class.
Prompt 2: Interview a woman from another country or culture. Ask her to describe what she believes are the three biggest health concerns for women in her country. What are these concerns? What is being done about these concerns? Is this action working? If yes, why? If no, why not and what does she believe needs to change. Next talk with her about her perceptions of women in this country and your perceptions about women in her country. Talk with her about what you have been reading and learning — how would the approach to these topics differ in her county? What did you two learn from this exchange?

Prompt 3: Interview your grandmother or other elder female relative and ask her to describe the most significant changes she has seen in women’s health in her lifetime. What has changed for the better? What has changed for the worse? What still needs to be changed? In her opinion, what do women need to be doing more of in order to be an active part of the change(s) she has identified? Talk with her and compare/contrast what she has told you with what you have learned/read about so far. (Chapter 1 may be a section to go over with her) Talk with her about the significant similarities and differences between her generation and yours.