Performance Management Cycle

Performance Management Cycle

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Develop a high level performance management cycle plan.
The plan should contain an introduction and conclusion that makes relevant connections to course objectives. The body of the plan is an annotated presentation of the concepts listed in your Scenario Generator Report. (I UPLOADED)

The purpose of this assignment is to simulate the thought process that managers use when evaluating the various elements of performance management. The students are not expected to produce a detailed plan. Rather, the expectation is that students demonstrate consideration of the multiple complexities involved in the performance management cycle.

Access the “Deliverables” section of the Performance Management Cycle Plan within your Scenario Generator Report. Your Scenario Generator Report provides the context for the plan.
Carefully consider the characteristics of the various organizational descriptors in your Scenario Generator Report.
Thoughtfully discuss each listed item (2-3 fully developed sentences per item).

Instructors will be using a grading rubric to grade the assignments

Module 6 Scenario: Performance Management Cycle
Type: Government Services
Size: Large Corporation
Sector: Motor Services
Funding: Bonds
Decision makers:
Formal organization:
Non-profit public administration
Human Resources Department:
Stage in Organizational Lifecycle:
Founded in: 1976
Dedicated to: This public institution is committed to be responsive to
the needs of the community and public, which it serves.
Culture In order to promote respect, privacy, and a collegial work
environment, we encourage all employees to discuss topics of interest
or address their concerns via proper management channels. The
appropriate communication protocol can be found in the public section
of the HR web site.
Structure: structure
Mission statement: To preserve and improve the physical, social, and
economic health of our neighborhoods, support neighborhood selfreliance
and enhance the quality of life for the residents through
community-based problem solving, neighborhood-oriented services, and
public/private cooperation.
Vision statement: We thrive to become a community that has a
harmonious balance of the interests of our citizens, businesses, and
visitors achieved through managed growth, fiscal responsibility, open
communication, and stewardship of our natural beauty and environment.
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