Personal definition of spirituality.

  1. Write a 4-5 page paper using APA format and address the following areas:
    a. Define the concepts of religion and spirituality supporting these definitions with citations from professional literature that you have read.
    b. Describe the difference between religion and spirituality.
    c. Discuss your personal definition of spirituality.
    d. Describe the role of spirituality in providing holistic nursing care.
    e. Describe a spiritual assessment tool that you have found through your research. Several tools are known by their acronyms, such as CSI-MEMO, FICA, HOPE, SPIRIT, and FAITH.
    f. Describe your personal comfort level with assessing and providing spiritual care. Would you ever consider using one of these assessment tools?
    g. Describe effective ways to deliver appropriate nursing interventions to address spiritual needs.
    h. Discuss ways to provide spiritual care to patients who are not of the Christian perspective.
    i. Describe a personal clinical experience of providing spiritual care.