Personal Ethics at Work

Personal Ethics at Work

Business Ethics Topic Research and Analysis Papers

Submit a summary of a current (within the last 12 months) business incident—found via the news media–describing its ethics parameters. The document should include the student’s assessment of the ethics issues, decisions, and actions within the situation. Application of the course “decision model” should be demonstrated. (Paper will be no more than four, double-spaced, one-sided pages; optional cover page and citations’ page do not count in page total.)

Personal Ethics at Work
An Exploration of Ethical Issues, Impacts, and Decision Models in a Capitalist Society

An Ethics-Focused Decision-Making Model

1. Determine the Facts

a. Resist an immediate “judgment call”
i. Be aware of how sports, for example, has influenced all of us to make quick choices of what is within the rules
b. Gather all facts—not just ones supporting one point-of-view
c. Check multiple sources of information
d. Differentiate between “facts” and “assumptions”
e. “Follow the Money”—who makes money based upon which choices?

2. Identify the Ethical Issues Involved

a. Are there dimensions of “right and wrong”; “fair or unfair”; “good or bad”?

3. Identify All the Stakeholders

a. Who (Groups) and how many?
b. How might I be biased—how are certain Stakeholders “related” to me?

4. Delineate (and/or Create) Alternative Courses of Action

a. Generate at least two different courses
b. Imagine one “wild” scenario (This is how creativity gets sparked.)

5. Assess How the Alternatives will Affect Stakeholders

a. Envision the results of each alternative decision/course of action
b. Determine beneficial versus harmful consequences
c. Consider the Law
d. Recognize your own potential “conflict of interest”

6. Seek Guidance

a. Close friends
b. People you respect
c. Knowledge sources
i. Subject matter experts
ii. Reference Librarians
iii. Authors
iv. Researchers
v. Professors
vi. Pastors

7. Make a Decision; Act; Monitor the Outcome(s)

a. Make a choice
b. Do something constructive
c. Be prepared to DEFEND your choice with logical, persuasive arguments
d. “All Solutions Just Create Different Problems”—Follow up and Correct