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A plant that manufactures automobile chassis include a production area containing
1 00 robotic weld’ng stations. An adjacent area contains 1 0 welding booths where
employees perform hand welding us’ng MIG welders to rework welds that have been
identified as unacceptable. Personal at sampling shows that personal exposues at 5
of the welding booths located in the middle of the rework exceed the OSHA PEL for
lead, nickel, and iron oxide fumes. On average, the personal exposum exceed the
applicable OSHA PEL by 2-3 times.

Ushg OSHA’s Hierarchy of Controls, write one paragraph for the hazard scenario
above that summarizes your approach to reducing the risks associated with the
hazard. Indicate which type of hazard control you will use, and describe exactly how it
will be used to control the hazard.

2;Stroke Prevention Media

In this DSCUSSOOH, provide and receive feedback on the stroke prevention media

Post: A description of the stroke prevention media piece that you created. Include
details of your edumtional media, and if possble, a copy of the actual media piece.
Explain why you selected the particular type of media and how and why it is suitable
for your patient population.