Personal Financial Planning

Links to YouTube Talks/Lectures
1. How cryptocurrencies will transform everything:

2. Why Most People Fail at Financial Planning:

3. Why the Rich are Getting Richer:

4. Why Crowdfund?

5. Saving for tomorrow

Choose any 2 talks/lectures. In preparing your response you need to explore any 3 of the 5 themes: diversity, grooming, cryptocurrency, crowdfunding and Savings. Which means that inside all the video above, they will talk about 5 themes, so you need to take 3 themes and talk about it from the 2 talks/lectures that you have chosen.
Include in your journal:
1. Why you selected to attend these talks/lectures?
2. How do these talks/lectures contribute to your knowledge and how would it apply in your career development for the future (My career will be as an accountant)?