Personal Goal

Question 1- Work on a goal that you would like to improve you overall wellness, fitness, health for the last 2 weeks. You could be continuing an earlier goal or starting fresh…up to you, Remember your initial 3 goals: did you accomplish one of them or maybe all?, Write a summary on what you did and how it went.
Question 2- Write an exercise prescription for someone JUST BEGINNING an exercise program for 1 week.Explain 1 arm and 1 leg exercise on your list of exercises.Come up with 8-10 Exercises that you would begin vOth or start a first-time exerciser out veith. Tell me what muscle group the exercise uses. Pick one arm and one leg exercise and thoroughly explain: 1. How to perform the exercise 2. What muscle(s) it works 3. Why do you think it is the most beneficial exercise for this muscle group? 4. Use the FITT principle to generate the prescription for the exercises (How much, how often, sets/reps) 5. Should be a program a beginner can do for the first 6-8weeks of a training program.