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personal information online

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MKT 350
Personal Information Report (final paper) Outline
Your final report in this class should highlight your understanding of the course material, readings and discussions (citing all information and material). The goal is to 1in which you share information, use information and store information online and 2) analyze that behavior using the concepts and theories from the course material, readings and discussions and 3) show your improved written communication skills.
CONSIDER the information you provide to third parties – either willfully or in ways you may not overtly realize, but have come to understand (3rd party sharing etc.)

DEVELOP A WAY TO DEPICT AND ORGANIZE the information you provide online in your own framework (i.e. search engines, email, e-commerce, social networking, information platforms…or financial information, social information, health information…) Think of this as a way to separate the information you provide online – you may depict it in a manner you see fit. You can use an infographic, a table, an image, a graph…anything that allows you to conceptualize all of the information you provide online (you can also compare it to information you provide offline).

ANALYZE the depiction and content of the information you provide by using course material, readings, discussions and other sources of information. How would you characterize the information you provide? How do you expect the information to be utilized by the organization or individual(s)? How might the information be used unexpectedly?

DETERMINE THE VALUE of the information you describe and depict. If I were to offer to buy all of this information, would you sell it to me and if so, for how much (dollars, trade)? If you would not sell the information or only sell a part of it, explain why.

What kind of CONTROL would you like over your information and how will that benefit you and/or others? EXPLAIN how valuable this control is to you and others (does it relate to trust?).

Course Material: USE to support your Idea
Youtube videos

Don Tapscott: Openness
History of Consumer Information
Joseph Pine: What Customers Want
Power, Society, Information
Daniel Kahneman: Thinking fast and slow
Privacy Issues and Online Information
JP Rangaswami: Information is food
Regulation and Online Information
Khaneman: Prospect Theory (loss v gain and risk)
Firefox and Collusion (now Lightbeam)
Protection, Permission, and Transparency
Daniel Kahneman: The riddle of experience vs memory
Kevin Slavin – How algorithms shape our world
Google adjustments… how are they made?
Efficiency and Efficacy of online consumer information
DMA 2012 Linda Wolley
Terry Jones: Listen to the Data
Big Data and Analytics
Selling your Personal Info (60 minutes)
Social Media Experiment
Nate Silver and the 2012 election
Ethical Dilemmas
Damon Horowitz: “Moral Operating System”
Consumer Empowerment
Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media
Consumer Products and Collaboration: Quirky
Rachel Botsman: The currency of the new economy..
Perspective: Marketing and Psychology.
Rory Sutherland: Perspective is Everything
Clay Shirky: How social media can make history
Decision Making and Rationality
Decision Illusions: Dan Ariely
Privacy and Protection Strategies
Eli Pariser: Filter Bubbles

Two Sides to Privacy
Jonathan Zittrain: The Web as Random Acts of Kindness
YOU can use the consumer bill of right as well if you need .
Try to use clear an simple as much as possible “answer the all question and related to the course material and at the e”

*THIS the format to fallow *
Please fallow the rubric and answer all the questions write the paper really clear and use essay world and give an example for support you idea
Clearly states purpose of paper: To examine the manner in which you share, use, and store Information online (and offline if you choose)and then analyze your sharing information behavior using the concepts and theories from the course. Analysis will include your estimated value of this information and how much control you want over your information.
Outlines clear organization of paper in the introductory paragraph.
Depicts how share, muse, and store information using graphs, tables, charts, infographic, and/or other visual representations.
Demonstrates Proper grammar, word usage and mechanics
Consistent in use of correct in-?text citation formatting (all information is attributed to source(s) and author(s)) and a reference page (works cited) is included at end
Explains and connects course theory (ies), concept(s), or model(s) to the depiction and analysis of personal information sharing, use and storage.
Shows understanding of the concepts, models, and theory (ies) discussed in class and in
Course readings (note you do not have to use all the concepts, etc. but you should show your knowledge and application of the one(s) you choose)
Develops educated conclusions about your sharing, use and storage of information and explains how concepts and theory help in understanding your behavior
Includes relevant facts and evidence to support conclusions, but avoids use of overly long quotes to replace critical thinking and analysis
Analysis includes your estimated value of this information and how much control you want over your information (does it relate to trust?)


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