Personal Statement

Personal Statement

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Read all instructions carefully please writer and follow all.
In your personal statement, you must address both of the following categories:
Category 1: Interest in teaching and children/young people
Write approximately 500 words about your motivation and suitability for teaching. You may consider the following prompts to frame your response:
• Who or what has inspired you to become a teacher?
• Why is teaching a good career choice?
• Why are you interested in teaching young children/young people?
• What subjects are you interested in teaching and why?
• What does being a good teacher mean?
• What skills and abilities do you have that will make you a good teacher?

Category 2: Involvement in personal learning and leadership activities Write approximately 500 words (1 page) about your involvement in learning and/or leadership
activities that demonstrate the following:
• commitment to learning
• interpersonal and communication skills
• conscientiousness
• organisation and planning skills.
• resilience
You could describe examples from your:
• school experience – co-curricular participation (eg arts, sports, debating, social justice – projects (eg curriculum projects, science fairs) – •leadership
experiences (eg student leadership positions, arts, sports) – •support of other learners (eg peer mentoring, coaching, buddy programs)
• volunteer and community experience – (eg community groups, parish/church groups, cadets, lifesaving, fundraising, clubs) – •community learning and training
experiences (eg Guides, Scouts, Duke of Edinburgh Award, St Johns)
• work experience – employment history and roles – employment involving children or young people – work-based training undertaken – work-based training provided
• disadvantage that you have overcome – social, cultural or economic – geographical – remote and rural – personal and health
. • personal talents, interests and abilities – elite performance (eg athletic, creative arts, other areas)

Hints for writing your personal statement
• Write clearly but try not to be too formal.
• Use ‘I’ to refer to yourself.
• Explain WHY you want to be a teacher, WHAT qualities you have that would make you a good teacher, and HOW your personal experiences demonstrate the qualities of a
good teacher.
• Provide specific examples from your life experiences to demonstrate a personal quality needed for teaching e.g. communication, organisation, resilience, empathy,
organisation, leadership. Explain what you have learned from these experiences and how they have helped you develop to be the person you are.
• Make sure you cover both components.

Although I know you don’t know me writer, I’m a female and will include what I have done and would like you to include below. I don’t want this based on you I want it
based on me so list the things I have put down below and also additional things you can make up yourself.
– I started working at Kmart in Figtree 4 years ago and am still working there
– Both primary school (year 6) and high school (year 12) I was the sports captain (related to leadership)
– I love to play soccer, had played for coniston for 6 years then started playing futsal and still continue to do so
– In year 11, I did work experience at Oceanview Preschool in Coniston
– Represented the school in soccer and participated in ‘Cross Roads’ program, did blood donation drive also
– I baby sit my cousins when my auntie has to stay back at work
– While completing my Higher School Certificate At Keira High School, I also completed my certificate III in early childhood education and care at North Wollongong
– I did work experience again while completing my certificate at Mount Ousley Preschool
– Now I am studying a Bachelor of Arts striving to get in to bachelor of primary education. To do this I took 3 subjects this year that are in Primary education which
are HAS111, GEOG123 and HAS121 and have enjoyed all of these subjects
– I love to read novels, I’m very social, interactive, love helping people and I’m very sympathetic. Very caring person, great listener and advice giver, organised and
motivated and love to learn new things, a neat freak

some of the things to know and list in the statement, the rest you can make it up, not about other volunteering things though please. Please make it really