personal statement

Describe the community in which you envision yourself living and practicing medicine. Below is my version of the personal statement, please make this as professional as possible since this is for a master program. (goal is to make this 275 to 300 words) Pursuing the Northeastern University Traditional MS program is my ultimate academic goal. I know that this program will assist me to demonstrate the competency necessary to function in diverse communities and settings. I know I am capable of completing this program because this is my ultimate passion. Once completing this program and passed the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam. I choose to practice primary care medicine in some underserved communities. I am currently volunteering at a free clinic intended for the underserved population at Phoenix Allies for Community Health. Its truly a wonderful blessing to just be a part of these people’s lives. This free clinic is intended for the underserved population who typically have low-incomes, who deal with some degree of cultural or linguistic barriers, and are eligible for the Medicaid. Right now, there is an obvious imbalance between specialty medicines vs. primary care medicine. Or some providers may feel their practice would not do will financially in underserved communities. I believe hospitalization, surgeries, death rate, and the utilization of resources will continue to increase with the regression of primary care medicine. Millions of Americans are living with little or no healthcare services. But as a Physician Assistant, I will have the opportunity to make a difference in these populations. Thus, I believe strongly in providing healthcare services to medically underserved communities and promoting preventative/primary health care of the highest quality.