Personality tests

1.personality tests

Take both of the following personality tests online:
1. 16 Personalities:

2. Truity:

• Write a paper that addresses the following:

o the nature of both personality tests:
▪What types of questions did each test ask?

▪How were you prompted to answer these questions? Did the answer options make sense
for the questions asked, or did they make the test difficult in some way?

o the results of both personality tests:
▪What did each test say about your personality?

▪Do you agree with the results of these personality tests? Do they accurately describe
your personality?

o the design of both personality tests (refer to Ch. 2 for information on validity & reliability):
▪Which of the tests do you think is a more valid test of personality, and why? Be sure to
correctly use at least two (2) of the following terms in your answer: face validity,
predictive validity, convergent validity, discriminant validity.

▪If you wanted to assess the internal reliability of these personality tests, how would you
do it?

▪If you wanted to assess the test-retest reliability of these personality tests, how would you
do it?

2.The History of World Civilizations from Prehistory to 1500 c.e./a.d.

Time travel is real — a wonderful thing. Imagine a knowledgeable world observer living in the year 1,000 c.e/a.d. What would surprise and interest such an observer of the world were he or she to travel in time to the 15th century (1400-1499) c.e./a.d. and make a world tour? What features of that earlier world (1000 c.e.) might still be familiar?