Personality to Organizational Behavior

Personality to Organizational Behavior

Paper details:

Read the Judge et al.. (2008) paper. Several core organizational behavior criteria for which personality variables have
demonstrated important effects are identified in this paper. These include: job performance, work motivation. job attitudes.
leadership, power and politics, stress and coping, team effectiveness. counterproductive/ deviant workplace behaviors. accidents.
and conflict and negotiation. The paper also presents two criticism of personality research in organizational behavior, and future
research direction.

Part 1: Please write a 2 page critique in which you:

Evaluate the extent to which the future research agenda that Judge, et al. (2008) present address their critique of
personality research in organizational behavior

In other words, in this part explain how or whether following the suggested future research directions might help in attenuating the
criticism against the use of personality research in organizational behavior. You are invited to suggest new ideas as to how future
directions that are not mentioned in the article can respond to this criticism-

Part 2: Chose one area from the 4 that Judge, et al. identify as areas in need of future research and write a 2 page paper on a
single research topic that you propose in this area in which you:

Describe the topic and present a research question that you believe should be addressed in future studies: select three
articles from the management/organization literature that are highly relevant to the topic of emotional intelligence affect on toxic
leadership: and based on these papers’ content, answer the following questions:

1. Why it is important to study El influence on toxic leadership?

2. How replying to your research question empirically may compliment existing knowledge? and

3. Who may benefit from the knowledge your suggested research might add, and in what ways?