personl Devolpment

personl Devolpment

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this is a personal development assignment please make sure instructions are followed. an attachment will be uploaded which has some of the things that needs to be
added in the work.
and also 5year vision plan, and swot are to be included in the work.

also can you please include this somewhere in the work and fell free to reword it

What is Self-branding?

*That is a question I feel every individual should constantly ponder upon their mind. For me I see myself as one which is an individual who is determined. My
determination for success is vital for me above all else in order to feel fulfilled. Being raised in the humble city of Dublin I have always United Kingdom was a place
where I could progress in life. I enrolled at the UOCL where I studied Business & Management. During my time at University I was introduced forex market, my
fascination of the market has lead me into researching and understanding many other financial and investment instruments such as Bonds and fix assets. My knowledge of
the market has drove me to begin an investment club with friend while studying, the aim was to teach individual within the club how to become profitable in the trading