perspectives summary

perspectives summary
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please follow the Perspectives Summary and use ch1 as a reference.

Perspectives Summary:

We will discuss different psychological perspectives in this class. These perspectives are influenced by the history of psychology as a field of study and bring with them its own set of theories and assumptions on human nature.

You will create a summary analysis of each of the seven perspective/approaches: biological, behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive, evolutionary, and sociocultural. These approaches are summarized in Ch.1 of your book as well as covered in the Powerpoint slides and in lecture.

For ALL 7 perspectives, you need to:
1) THOROUGHLY define the perspective/approach,
2) analyze the historical context of this approach and identify the famous scientists in the field,
3) give a specific example of how the approach would explain the fear of spiders, and
4) identify 3 keywords for each approach.

EACH of these requirements #1-3 should be a minimum 3 sentences each. Each section will be worth 5 points.