Persuasive Messages


Write a persuasive email.

The scenario:
You own a computer retail store located near a local university campus (give the store any name you want). You have sold fewer PCs in recent years due to the strong demand for Macs among university students. You will write a sales letter/email to reach all students living on campus. Your goal is to encourage students to purchase PCs at your store.
You should do online research to help you contrast PCs with Macs and identify pricing levels. In the sales letter, attempt to show students the advantages of PCs compared to Macs and get them to take specific steps to learn more about them and potentially purchase a PC at your store.
Follow the guidelines and components for persuasive messages in “Chapter 10: Persuasive Messages” in the textbook. Pay particular attention to the “External Messages” and “Mass Sales Messages” sections of this chapter as they provide some examples and techniques that you may want to incorporate into this assignment.

Follow the 3 Step Process Below:

Part 1: Plan
• Conduct research to understand the differences between Macs and PC.
• Determine which facts and information would be most persuasive and likely to appeal to your audience
• Determine your complete message.
• Create a correctly formatted (typed) outline/draft that divides the necessary information into paragraphs.
Part 2: Write
• Write the email. MAX word count = 250.
• Assignment should follow traditional email format (include: to/from, subject line, email signature, introduction, main persuasive arguments, concluding statement with a call to action, etc.).
• Create your email so that it has high skim value and easy navigational design. Think of ways to emphasize your message (i.e. bullets, bold type)
• Email should incorporate appropriately the components of persuasive messages (summarized at end of chapter/p. 327). Pay attention to:
1. Proper Attention Getter: Rhetorical question, Intriguing statistic, Compelling and unusual facts, Challenge, OR Testimonial
2. Facts
3. Positive and action oriented vocabulary
4. Call to action

• On a separate piece of paper include a Works Cited page where you reference your research. Note: Citations should be APA format and do NOT count towards the 250 word count

Part 3: Revise
• Proofread your first draft for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
• Edit for clarity and conciseness.
• Ensure you are communicating information in a persuasive manner and
incorporating a call to action.

What you need to turn in on 3/19:
• Final draft only of the entire assignment submitted to Blackboard before class starts on 3/6. Do not actually email it to me.
• Bring to class:
o Paper copy of your outline/rough draft(s) with your hand written editing.
o Paper copy of your typed, final hard copy – EMAIL FORMAT. AND Works Cited page
Your assignment will be graded on:
1) Planning
2) Organization
2) Grammar and Style
3) Content