PESTEL assessment for an Industry

  1. Conduct a PESTEL assessment for the Industry and provide an overall assessment of general environmental impacts on the industry.
  2. Describe the Major Driving Forces of the Industry. Provide an overall assessment of their combined impact on the industry.
  3. Identify & assess the strengths of the Industry’s Competitive Forces and provide a summary of their impacts on current or potential industry participants.
  4. Identify and describe the Key Success Factors for the Industry. Rank the key success factors in terms of importance. Assign and justify any weights to be used in a Competitive Strength Assessment.
    5.Using a Strategic Group Map(s) identify & discuss the major “players,” their strategies, and how the strategies differ.
  5. Given your external situation analysis, is the Industry attractive? Why and/or why not?
  6. Conduct an in-depth financial analysis with regards to profitability, liquidity, and growth, and then provide an assessment of the overall health of the firm’s finances.
  7. Assess the Company’s value chain compared to key rivals to identify best practices and/or areas needing improvement.