Skin and ANS Assignment

Create two patient information brochures / patient education sheets. Make one about medications for the skin, and the other about categories of ANS drugs. The brochures/patient education sheets can be bi-fold or single sheet format.

Include the following:

A list of all of the categories for meds in the skin and ANS medication groups. Include a definition or description of each category. (10 points)

An example of a drug from each category and a brief explanation of their actions. (10 points)

A potential side effect and a contraindication of each example drug (10 points)

Useful images, formatting, and graphical elements that make the pamphlet eye-catching and easier to read. (3 points)

Provide the complete URL of any website you use to find the drug information. Remember—this is for patients, so use language that would be easy for a non-medical professional to understand.