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1. there are three topics just pick one to write it
2. APA style
3.Talk about political issue related with the topic
4. Talk both side of argument and argue them together.
I will post the detail in the attachment also the PPT please go to see the PPT before you write it.

Here is the assignment detail(you could find it in the attachment I post it too)

Choose ONE the following questions and express your viewpoint about the chosen issue. You must provide a balanced philosophical argument for the views expressed in your essay.

1. Critically discuss the view that the perspective of women is very important in looking at the abortion issue.

2. Choose one current political issue in your country or globally and philosophically justify your stand within the context of consequentialist-utilitarianism.

3. Within the context of famine, poverty, hunger and affluence, present a critical analysis of your view on whether or not the rich nations in the world have the moral responsibilities to help the poor nations.

The essay should be between 8-10 pages excluding the references, double-spaced and 12 fonts Time New Romans. All sources must be properly acknowledged in the references. Student should clearly indicate the: Title of the Assignment, Course Title & Numbers, Instructor’s Name and Student’s I.D. Number at the top of the first page of the assignment.