Philosophy Business Ethics.

Philosophy Business Ethics.
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The class name is Philosophy Business Ethics.
1. Your paper should give an answer to ONE of the underlined group of questions.
2. The suggestions are just issues you might want to consider when answering the questions and points to help you consider the issues in the question. You DO NOT need to address all of the “suggested issues to consider” in your paper.
3. The paper should present your understanding and opinions of arguments and materials covered in THIS class. First sources should be the material assigned and are necessarily first sources. Second sources are not necessary and you will be graded not only on your understanding of the secondary source, but also its relevance to the issue at hand. Second sources are not acceptable on their own.
4. Papers are to be 5 to 7 pages in length, typed or word processed, and double spaced. Number your pages!
5. All margins are to be 1 inch all around. All fonts used should be in 12 point type. Do not separate paragraphs with extra rows or returns. Microsoft Word defaults to 1.5 spacing between paragraphs, or more. Please correct that in your paper. Do not repeat or retype the question at the beginning of your paper.
6. I will send the power point what you need to go through them in order to write the papers

What are the strengths and weaknesses of using the following kinds of moral theories for application in business:
i)Virtue Theory
Suggested issues to consider: Which do you think is the strongest? Which is the best choice for application to moral problems in business? How would you tailor the theory for your needs in business ethical applications? What sort of rules, considerations, or virtues would be needed to make deontology, utilitarianism, or virtue theory applicable to business ethics?