Philosophy on Foucault – panopticon) (Machiavelli -The Gift of knowledge, the prince

Choose at least two concepts covered in the course from different authors. (Foucault – panopticon) (Machiavelli -The Gift of knowledge, the prince”) Choose a news object from the News section (I
will add the 4 links at the bottom, choose just 1 to use) Choose at least one direct quote from the object that best represents the part of the object that you plan to apply the concepts to.
Reference all the quotes you have chosen using the Chicago in-text citation style (NOT footnotes or endnotes) with a works-cited list (or bibliography) at the end of your document. Using this
material, write a 5-6 page that answers the question: What might each of the authors you have chosen have to say about the object you have chosen, what might they say to each other, and what do
you have to say about it? This should includeA brief introduction that:
States what the paper is about. Names the authors you have chosen. Names the concepts you have selected from each authors work. Names the object you have chosen. Suggests what relationship you are
setting up between the concepts and the object. A series of body paragraphs that: Incorporate the quotes you have chosen. Wrap those quotes in sentences of your own words. Explain the concepts you
have chosen in your own words.