Phones can distruct human intyereactions


Catherine price’s “how to break up with phone” begins with this anecdote: “The moment I realized I needed to break up with my phone came just over two years ago. I had recently had a baby and was feeding her in a darkened room as she cuddled on my lap. It was an intimate, tender moment-except for one detail. She was gazing at me …. and I was on eBay, scrolling through listings for Victorian -era doorknobs.

I’m not going to explain this particular personal passion. The point is that a good 15 minutes had probably passed before finally I caught sight of my daughter looking at me ,her tiny face illuminated by my phone blue light. I saw the scene as it would have looked at an outsider- her face focused on me, me focus on my phone-and my heart sank .This wasn’t the way I wanted things to be”:

Write a brief essay explaining how the imagery in the text dramatizes the ways that using cell phones in a thoughtless way can hurt human intereactions.Analyze the words that create a picture of a mother/ child moment of bonding being usurped for a good 15 minutes” by the lure of the phone.