Why do engineers choose this field? What appeal does it have? What do engineers in your field work on? You want to give a good overview of the discipline, so that other students know exactly what engineers in your field do. Beyond this general information, other specific items that should be included are: 1. Educational/coursework requirements. What level of education do engineers in your field typically attain? What courses do they take? 2. Where do engineers in your field typically work? Government? Industry? List some sample companies. 3. What projects do engineers work on? List some examples. 4. What tools and resources do these engineers use daily? Software programs? Codes or standards? 5. Are engineers in your field typically licensed? 6. List salary information and progression (entry level vs. experienced). 7. Advancement/management opportunities – what is the highest career level that some engineers in your field may attain? 8. Do engineers in your field work in the U.S., or globally? How? 9. What professional trade organizations exist specific to your chosen discipline? Deliverables Each team will produce one report and one PowerPoint presentation.