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Assignment #4: Quality Improvement Poster Presentation
After completing the quality improvement proposal paper, you should summarize your paper into a presentation. Presentation formats include PowerPoint or handouts
with/without audio/video aids. PowerPoint presentations should be a maximum of 12 slides (please refer to unit 6 of the APA tutorial in the Toolkit section of the
classroom for guidance on how to do a presentation).

Rubric Name: Assignment #4: QI Poster Presentation
(1) EBP Problem Statement
The presentation includes a clear statement of the problem.
(2) EBP Summary
Summary findings related to both the problem statement and proposed intervention are well presented.
(3) Organization
Presentation is well organized, uses headings and bulleted lists when needed. Presentation has well thought out graphics, fonts, and background color. No misspellings
or grammatical errors

This is feedback for the attached file of Picot#2:
Assignment #2 feedback and tips for assignment #3
Feedback for assignment #2 is posted. You should be able to use the hard work you have put into Assignment #2 as the basis for Assignment #3. A few things to remember:
If you are using a system for the levels of evidence, please cite the article or otherwise indicate what system you are using.
Be clear about whether your articles support the significance of your problem or are evidence for the effectiveness of the intervention you propose.
Please use the Effective Writing Center – they can teach you wonderful skills to improve your writing.
Tips for Assignment #2Actions for Tips for Assignment #2 Nov 25, 2017 11:00 AM –
First, you can resubmit your assignment up until 11:59pm on Sunday. I always grade the last assignment I receive.
I’ve had a few questions via e-mail, and I want to share my responses with all of you. Here are a few tips for Assignment #2:
Make sure you provide detailed information about the population, including demographic information.
On the intervention, give enough information that I can understand the intervention, without reading the article. If it is a medication, include the dose.
For results, include key data such as statistics of significance (p values) or other concrete data. If there are no statistics in the article, you should indicate that
in your summary.
Don’t forget to include the level of evidence.

This is also feedback for the attached Picot# 3:
The narrative will be very helpful as you work on Assignment #3. The grading is based on the table, as specified in the rubric.

Research Data: Please see the attached paper for additional comments.
Title are in the reference list. Not all articles have the type of study correctly identified.
Additional details are needed to strengthen the methodologies.
Study Description: Additional details including demographics would strengthen the descriptions.
References: More than five references were included in the table. Some of the articles were reports of quality improvement implementations or provided background
information, but did not provide research evidence to support the effectiveness of the intervention.