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Today, most North Korean people live under repressive political circumstances that show few signs of easing. At the same time, they live under difficult economic circumstances that do appear to be improving in modest but noteworthy ways.

After selecting as many as 3 images (i.e., 1-3 images) from DPRK 360 and EverydayDPRK, engage in a close analysis of the images (and, when applicable, accompanying comments) Support your analysis of the images by drawing relevant connections to a minimum of 3 primary and/or secondary sources from the course.

Consider the following questions: How do ordinary people seek to maintain agency, awareness of the world, and dignity in their everyday lives? How do people seem to incorporate goods and other aspects of the informal economy (i.e., the black market) into their lives? How does official ideology figure in the country’s built environment–and in people’s lives? What seem to be the limits of the official ideology–and its effects on people? What do you think these image(s) tell us about the potential for North Korea’s economy and society to reform in the future?