Pinnacle Credit Services LLC.

Write to the Pinnacle Credit Services LLC.

Justo R. Lopez

Write a statement stating what he wants to settle for & how full payment or monthly payments w/interest or downpayment ….

According to them he owes $5260.00

The Jugde ment was for $1991.85- (2008) after 10yrs they are collecting with no notice this is the first time he hears from this since 2008

They already garnished $1098.45 from his checking account and $500.00 from savings they were both garnished with no warning nothing he found out when he went to look at it.

He is willing to settle with them for the amount of $1991.85

Since the money has already been with held from the account for $1598.45 I will approve to released that money to you guys plus the difference of $393.40. To complete the amount originally owed as stated on the judgment in 2008.

He wants to state that since 2008 and on he never received anything he was unaware that none of this was going on till he checked his accounts he thought he was clear since credit disputes 7 yrs later and in fact has excellent credit score now.

No one has told him what company is the collecting or at what interest nothing……..

its not that he’s not interested in paying but why did it take 10years to receive proper notice since feb 23 2018. Clearly they weren’t that interested in collecting…..