Place, Promotion, and Measurement


Place: Research how the product/service is distributed (physical, retail, virtual,
subscription, social media, etc-) and addess these key areas: where will the product
be sold? What distribution factors do you need to consider? What distribution
strategies will you employ and why?

Promotion: This section will devise the communication strategy related to the
product/service- Addess these key areas: What is the ptrpose/objective of the
communication (awareness, leads, sales, etc-)? What is the ideal promotional mix?
Key Performance Indicators: Establish 3-5 key performance indicators that will
indicate success or failu’e of the marketing plan-

Evaluation and Control: How often do you plan to measue performance and how do
you plan to revise the product, price, place, or promotion if needed? With respect to
Evaluation and Control, describe how results will be compared with planned goals to
identify deviations along with suggestions for corrective actions where necessary-