plan for strategic analysis

plan for strategic analysis

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assignment requires you to devise a plan for strategic analysis
of an organisation of your choice. This proposal should include:
– A brief situational analysis of the organisation;
– A justified sequence of appropriate tools that will help senior
management make sense of the organisational environment;
– A demonstration of just ONE of the techniques
1) You need to choose an organisation. (Public Sector or Non-for profit Sector in UK). ( Chosen Organisation)

This organisation is going through a strategic review.
Your boss asked you to advise senior management on what environmental
appraisal techniques they should use in the strategic analysis process.
2) Conduct a brief situational analysis
3) Select and justify a combination of 3 techniques and devise a sequence of
analysis outlining the insights provided by each techniques and their limitations
4) Provide a worked example of the application of ONE techique.
? There are 3 components that will be assessed:
? the situational analysis (20%) – aka the situational analysis
? the review of technique and assessing the sequence’s strengths and limitations (30%) – aka the proposal
? the demonstration / application of ONE tool (50%) – aka worked example
? Style: Report (title page, table of contents, introduction, body of the report,
conclusions, references) – DO USE bullet point lists, tables, graphical representations where appropriate.
? Word limit: 2,500 including referances(give or take 10%)

Present a factual analysis of the current state of the organisation, including external and internal factors.
Cover the main points about each technique reviewed (what it does, in what context it was developed, what the benefits and limitations of its application are, how it can support strategic analysis in their organisation.
Show extent to which you have engaged with a basic or a more
sophisticated version of the technique.
Addresses criteria and assessment brief comprehensively
Show Comprehensive and in-depth knowledge and understanding
No omissions or inaccuracies
Demonstrates in-depth integration of very broad range of appropriate sources

Task management
Introduces and writes the report from the perspective of the role play set.
Design a coherent sequence in which the three techniques should be applied
Address all aspects of the task in depth and professionally.
Write the report in the full spirit of the role play.
Demonstrate in depth knowledge on the organisation.
Perform a thorough and applied analysis on the organisation chosen as opposed to a general interpretation of the technique.

Critical Thinking
Provide a critical analysis of the current situation the organisation is in, including present challenges and opportunity
Justify why the sequence chosen will work well in the context of their organisation.
Prove awareness of the internal and external organisational contexts
Consistent and effective critical use of material
Consistent awareness of limits and contradictions of theory
Convincingly developed argument
Effectively analyses key issues supported and informed by evidence.
Effective conclusions developed from and integrated with discussion and evidence.

Quality of Research
Show evidence of engaging with organisation operation documents and other relevant material
Show Evidence of relevant academic literature
how support of the analysis with evidence
Show in depth engagement with academic and organisational literature and in depth use of evidence

Structure and presentation
Show Evaluating coherence, clarity of exposition, appropriate referencing
Logical and coherent structure consistent with the task
Excellent introduction and conclusion
Excellent exposition.
Fluent integration of sources in to text.