Plan Technology Professional Growth

Focus Area 1: Technology Operations and Concepts Throughout this program, you have developed your technical skills by using various tools, applications, hardware, and software such as the Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You have also used a Web editor along with other web-based applications. Reflect on how you have improved in these skills since beginning this degree program. Use the technology self-assessment located in the Books and Resources for this Week to help you determine areas or skills to improve on: Then, consider how your own personal development of these skills has influenced student learning. Reflect on how your approach to teaching and learning has been enhanced by your increased understanding of technology operations and concepts. Focus Area 2: Planning and Designing Learning Environments and Experiences You have come to realize the importance of planning as it relates to technology integration. Think about the planning process you employ to infuse technology into the curriculum, including how you target content and technology standards while striving to meet all learners’ needs . By now you have collected and used many different technology resources. Consider these resources (hardware, software, curriculum, personnel) and the ways you select the most appropriate resource for a given learning situation.