Planned Learning Experience

  1. Anecdotal Observation: Thursday, September 19, 2019, in the Safari Kid South Aurora Childcare,. At around 3:15, Child H, grabbed a book that has pages with different material that the children can touch and fee, Child H uses her right hand to touch and rubbed her hand throughout the material. She uses her fingers to open and close her hand every time she feels the textures. She turns the pages with her right hand for 5 minutes.
  2. Interest and development observed: Child H likes to experience different textures and explores with her sensory exploration while turning and touching the pages of the book. In the area of fine motor skills, she uses her finger and her thumb (pincer grasp) to turn the pages.

Planning your learning experience

  1. Briefly describe the Learning Experience: In the outside I will set up three plastic bins on the floor on top of a plastic sheet. I will mix the material using baby oil and flour inside the bins before I invite the toddlers to come and play. I will demonstrate how to squeeze the moon sand to make a ball and stay together with my fist, then let them press it, they can see how it comes a part. after that, I will invite them to make balls again and press it, To keep their interest during the activity I will add the different size of kitchen measurement cups, cookies cuter for fill it and make shapes, plastic toy knife to cut the shapes.
  2. Describe how your Learning Experience is based on your observation of the children’s interests and developmentAs described my observation in the above, the toddler H is feeling and sense touching and turns the pages using her fingers, touching texture this linked with her interest sensory exploration. The toddler H uses her small fingers to hold and turns the pages of the book this allows her to practice fine motor and improve her pincer grasp skill will take the experience to hold and grasping objects by her fingers and hands.
  3. Learning Objectives – Within the physical domain the children will practice their sensory motor integration when they coordinating sense with pinch and squeeze the moon sand (ELECT, page36).In the well being foundation the children may experience sense of competence autonomy when they use their hands and fingers to squeeze the sand and fill the cups by themselves (H.D,L.H,page32)
  4. Materials :Plastic sheet,2 bins, flour, baby oil, measurement cups, cookies cuter, plastic toy knifes, spoons, and water for wash and clean up
  5. When and where do you plan to implement this experience? Why did you select this time and location? The activity is planned for September 26, at 10:00, when they get ready to going outside, I will set up the material on the plastic sheet outside on the floor before they are coming, and when they coming they will see the materials set up , I will invite them and let them try the activity, they will be touching and feeling the moon sand also I will encourage them to use the cups and shapes to improve fine motor skill, I chose morning time to implement my activity because in this time the children will be active and they like to play at morning . also, I chose outside because the moon sand makes a mess and outside the children will be more free to plying in additional I will avoid my mentor’s objection.
  6. What will you say and do to encourage the children to participate in your learning opportunity? Two open ended questions you could ask? I will invite the children and ask them (how can we fill the cups with sand) ?. I will take a handful of moon sand and squeeze by my fist then I will press it, I will demonstrate how the sand sticking together and how fritter and I will make a shape and aske them (where can you see this shape )?
  7. How are you including the anti-bias philosophy in your Learning Experience?

I will stick disabilities children’s pictures on the sides of bins ,which represents the support of respecting special need children

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The above planning sheet must be submitted to your Field Mentor at least one day (or as arranged with the Field Mentor) before you would like to implement the experience.