Poem Analysis

Write a well-organized essay of 3 pages in which you analyze an image each from two different poems. In class we have practiced closely reading several poems, tracking how images work in each. I would like to you choose two poems by different poets and discuss and analyze one image (or “conceit”) from each. You can use one body paragraph to discuss each image, then compare or contrast the images in a third body paragraph. Remember to include an introductory paragraph with a very clearly stated thesis. This should be ONE sentence in your first paragraph that clearly states exactly what you will be writing about. I should know exactly what I’ll be reading about by the end of the intro paragraph.

You can choose from among these poems:

“The Bermudas” by Andrew Marvell
“A Valediction: of weeping” by John Donne

“Regeneration” by Henry Vaughan
“The Alter” by George Herbert
“The Ecstasy” by John Donne

“The Pulley” by George Herbert
“The Garden” by Andrew Marvell
“The Retreate” by Henry Vaughan
“The World” by Henry Vaughan
“The Bracelet” by Thomas Stanley
“To my Excellent Lucasia, on our Friendship” by Katherine Philips